Ensemble Mezcal

The Indescribable Flavor of Oaxaca

Lejana y Sola is an ensemble of Espadin and the rare, wild Cuishe Agave that grows in the mountainside hills of Oaxaca. Striking a beautiful balance of light smoke and sweet agave fruit, the mezcal is at once earthy, spicy and subtly musky with a lingering finish.

The Ancient Craft

The Artesanal Mezcal Method

Distilled in a small family owned palenque in Lachilá, Oaxaca, we use the ancient artisanal method to craft our mezcal using no electricity.

The agaves are roasted over oak in a stone-lined fire pit, crushed by a horse drawn tahona, fermented in wooden tanks and double distilled in a copper alambique.

An Ensemble of
Espadin & Cuishe

We use a harmonious blend of two agave types to enhance the flavor and complexity of the mezcal. The Espadin balances the intriguing depth of aromas of the rare, wild Cuishe agave, to create a mezcal that is at once inviting and complex with subtle flavors of smoke, earth and the sweet agave fruit.

Lejana y Sola

translates to Afar and Alone

Inspired by a line from a famous poem by Andalusian poet Federico Lorca called Il Canción del Jinete (The Horseman’s Song) about a lone horseman who rides toward Cordoba knowing that he will expire before he reaches the city.

Lejana y Sola

Mezcal Artesanal Joven


100% Agave
Espadin & Cuishe

42% ABV

"What can I say? This is one of the best mezcals I have ever tasted... What I appreciate about Lejana Y Sola is that I'm able taste the Agave and it's not to smokey... it has perfect balance!"
Owner of Canyon Road
"Dynamite!! I'll take a case asap."
Owner of Bailey's Corner Pub
"Lejana Y Sola is right on point when it comes to Mezcal. Not too smokey and just the right amount of sweet. Perfect for my favorite cocktail the Mezcal Old Fashioned."
General Manager of JukeBar
"Wow! Wow! Wow!"
Head Bartender at Maz Mezcal