A Beautifully
Balanced Ensemble

Ensemble mezcals use a masterful blend of agave types to further enhance the flavor and complexity of the mezcal.

We use Esapadin and the rare, wild Cuishe which we harvest from the communal lands of Lachilá, Oaxaca.

Wild Cuishe Agave

A. Karwinskii

The wild agaves of Mexico like Cuishe are from a different world and the flavors are unlike anything: amazing, organic, earthy, deep and surprising. They give mezcal a mystique that is well-deserved.

There are more than 50 wild agaves used in mezcals and we chose Cuishe for its indescribable aromas and flavors. Blending the untamed Cuishe with the more mild mannered Espadin makes Lejana Y Sola a pleasure to sip and savor. 

The Taste Profile

The Indescribable Flavors of Oaxaca

Very faint smoke in perfect balance with the inviting sweet agave character. Intriguing notes of spices, earth and musk.  The Cuishe agave adds mysterious flavor notes with no easy comparison. Very drinkable and smooth with lingering flavors.

Lejana y Sola

Mezcal Artesanal Joven


100% Agave
Espadin & Cuishe

42% ABV